Birdwatcher's Diary User Manual

The Locations Screen

Tap on the Location button on the top center of the main screen to get access to the Locations screen. You will see a list of your existing locations to select from, with the same one- and two-letter index down the right-hand side that you are familiar with from the species list on the main screen.

Adding a Location

Tap on Add to add a new location, and fill in the following information:

The Capture Coordinates button uses your GPS to capture the coordinates where you are currently located. This will be the proper thing to do if you are at the location that you are setting up. If you are not, you can tap the Show on Map button. This button displays a map showing your current location. Tap the Relocate button on the upper-right of the map screen to display a crosshairs. Now slide the map around, expanding or contracting as necessary (a double-tap with one finger expands the map; a double-tap with two fingers contracts it), until the crosshairs are centered on the location you are setting up. Where exactly at that location is up to you. If it is a park, you can center the location at the center of the park, or the entrance to the park, or anyplace else - it's up to you and obviously somewhat arbitrary. Once you have it positioned, tap Save and the coordinates you established will be entered as part of the new location. Finally tap Save to save the new location.

Editing or Deleting a Location

On the location selection screen, hold your finger down on an item until a menu pops up giving you two choices: Edit and Delete. If you choose Edit, you'll see that you are able to change any of the items that make up a location except the abbreviation. If you held your finger down by accident and got the Edit/Delete menu accidentally, just tap on the screen outside that menu to dismiss it.

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