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This page provides help with the following problems:

Downloading software

Download Palm software products from
Download The Athlete's Diary for Windows or Macintosh from
On those pages, you simply click on the file (or files) you want to download.


Unzipping software

If you download a compressed ("zipped" or "stuffed") piece of software, you may need to uncompress (unzip, unstuff, unpack) it. All Macintosh computers sold for many years now include a copy of "Unstuffit", so Macintosh users should already have the software they need. Most Macs will be configured to automatically unstuff downloaded files; if your isn't, then you'll need to run Unstuffit and select the file that you downloaded to unstuff. Windows users aren't as fortunate. Some Windows computers have a copy of an unzipping program (PKUnZip or WinZip) included, some do not. If you DO have one of those programs, and your computer wasn't configured to automatically unzip the downloaded file, you can run the unzip program and select the file to unzip. If you do not have one, you can try obtaining one on the web; one source is

If you are unsuccessful at unzipping:

Installing Palm software

However you obtained or downloaded the software, you must have a file named XXX.prc to install in your Palm ("XXX" may be "UnDupe" for UnDupe, "PPrint" for PalmPrint, "TAD" for The Athlete's Diary, "Order" for Take An Order!, "OnHand" for On Hand, "SCSPrint" for SCS Print Server", "Timer" for PocketTimer, "RaceBase" for RaceBase, "RaceAnnouncer" for Race Announcer, "AthCalc" for The Athlete's Calculator, "Splits" for SplitTimer, "ZipCoder" for ZipCoder, "Random" for Handy Randy, "AreaCode" for AreaCoder, or "SwimCoach" for SwimCoach.) If you do not have the ".prc" file, you cannot proceed. If you do have the ".prc" file, you can proceed.

The instructions below are our best attempt to explain the installation of software in a Palm. HOWEVER...Palm has changed their desktop user interface, and the exact mechanism for installing software into a Palm unit, several times. We suggest reading the instructions below, but if they don't seem to apply to your system, please consult the documentation that came with your Palm (or equivalent, e.g., Visor, Workpad, Symbol SPT) handheld unit. If you are using some other desktop or HotSync software (e.g., Franklin-Covey, Microsoft, Puma), you will also need to consult the documentation that came with that product as to the method for installing third-party software in your Palm. There is nothing special about Stevens Creek Software products as far as installation in your Palm - they are absolutely "normal" program. So the standard instructions apply.

Here are our capsule summaries of the installation process:

From a Macintosh:

Using MacPac Version 1: Run the program InstallApp. Click on the Select button, set the List Files of Type to All Files, locate and select the file UnDupe.prc, and click Open. Now click on the Install button. The next time you HotSync your Palm, the program will be downloaded.

Using MacPac Version 2: Select the HotSync Manager from the "Instant Palm" menu on the upper right of your menu bar. In the HotSync menu, select Install. Click on the Add To List button. Locate and select the file UnDupe.prc, and click Add File. The next time you HotSync your Palm, the program will be downloaded.

From Windows:

Click here for a complete pictorial guide to installing programs from a Windows computer.


Never got a serial number

If you think you ordered software from us but never received a serial number, there are several possibilities.

No matter which of these may have happened, you'll want to email with a brief note about your problem and we'll try to figure out what's going on. If we did receive your order, we'll simply email you your serial number again; if we didn't, we'll let you know you need to place the order again.

Entering your serial number

When your order for software has been processed, you will receive an email containing your serial number. This serial number is not needed to download the software from our web site, and it is not needed to install the software from your desktop into the Palm. The serial number is to be entered into the software on the handheld unit itself once you have installed the software there (see previous section).

You'll find instructions for entering the serial number in the manual(s) which you downloaded (or online). For our two most popular programs, UnDupe and PalmPrint, you start the program (tap on the icon from the Applications window of the Palm) and you'll see the word "*Unlicensed*" in the top right corner of the screen. Tap on "*Unlicensed*", and a window will appear telling you to enter the Serial Number. Enter the number (using Graffiti), then tap on OK. If you enter the number correctly, your software will be licensed and you won't need to enter it again. For many of our other applications, you'll start the program, tap on the "Menu" button (in the lower left corner of the screen), and select the "About" menu. On the information screen which appears you'll see a "License" button. Tap on it, and enter the serial number in the window which appears.

If these instructions do not seem to apply (and there are one or two programs which work differently), the instructions for entering the serial number are found in the manual.

Do not lose your serial number; you may need it in the future. If you store the code in a memo on your Palm, then after you do a HotSync the code will also be in the same memo in your Palm desktop software. Now it doesn't matter what happens to your handheld unit or your PC; you'll always have the information safely stored in two places. If you do lose your serial number, and need it again at some time in the future, email a request to . We do NOT handle these requests by phone. There may also be times when you need to change your user name, either because of problems you had with the unit or because you have upgraded to a new Palm. If so, you must email a request for a serial number replacement to us, and state clearly that this is a replacement (if you purchase an ADDITIONAL Palm, and will be using the software on two units, you need to purchase an additional software license).

Serial number incorrect

If you enter your serial number, and the software says "Incorrect serial number", there are several possibilities. If you need to send us a new user name, or other information, email it to . We do NOT handle these requests by phone.

All of our software requires a serial number which is based on the Palm UserName (HotSync name). If you are having problems getting the right serial number, sometimes it's because the name was wrong - perhaps an extra space somewhere you didn't know about. MyName is a program that you can install in your Palm that shows you EXACTLY what your name is, letter by letter. It's free.

Conduit installation

Several of our products have "conduits" which transfer information from Palm to desktop and vice-versa. A conduit has to be "installed." We put "installed" in quotes because it really isn't a real software installation, really all that is happening is that the software is informing the Palm HotSync Manager that there is a new conduit that should be activated during each HotSync. Several things can go wrong with the installation process:

Conduit usage

Several of our products have "conduits" which transfer information from Palm to desktop and vice-versa. Several things can go wrong with conduit operation. You MUST read the documentation about the HotSync process that is contained in the relevant manual in order to understand how to configure and use HotSync in conjunction with our software - it is NOT self-explanatory nor fully automatic as with standard Palm applications like the Address Book, etc.

The most common problem involves looking in the wrong place for the uploaded information (data coming from the Palm to the desktop), or placing information to be downloaded (from the desktop to the Palm) in the wrong place. You MUST understand where your "HotSync folder" is in order to proceed. On a Windows computer, this file is typically in a folder like C:\Palm\Fred, where "Fred" is the HotSync name of your Palm. However, this is tricky, because if your Palm HotSync name is longer than six letters, the name is truncated. For example, if your HotSync name is "Fred Smith", the file might be named "FredSm". If you have a middle initial it gets more complicated. You can know for sure whether the folder you are looking at is the correct one by looking at the file HotSync.Log, which is the file into which information is written during every HotSync. Once you find the correct folder, it MUST have a file HotSync.Log in it (if it doesn't, you're looking at the wrong folder). Now open that file (use NotePad or WordPad), and check the date and time of the last HotSync. You'll quickly know if this is the right file (and hence the right folder), or whether perhaps it is a folder for some previous Palm HotSync name or some previous installation of software. On a Macintosh computer, the HotSync folder will typically be something like Macintosh HD:Palm:Users:Fred, where "Fred" is the HotSync name of your Palm. Of course you can install the Palm folder anywhere on your hard drive, so the "Macintosh HD:Palm" portion of that name will depend on where you installed the software. Unlike Windows, however, the Mac name of the HotSync folder will always match exactly your Palm HotSync name. Verfiy that this IS the right folder by opening the file HotSync Log and checking the date and time of the last HotSync.

Once you have identified the "HotSync folder", inside that folder you'll find a sub-folder whose name is the name of our software (On Hand, CatScan, Take An Order, Athlete's Diary, or PocketTimer). Now in THAT folder will be the file or files which are used to download information into your Palm and upload information from your Palm.

Once you have identified the correct HotSync Log, if you ever have any problems with the HotSync process using our software, the first thing you should do is to read that file. Our conduits write considerable diagnostic information into that file which may guide you to understand what is happening.

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