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Software for Race Timing and Scoring

PocketTimer Pro from Stevens Creek Software is a complete handheld race timing and scoring software product, allowing you to time and score races of various types (running, cycling time trials, sailing, rowing, cross-country skiing, etc.) and post results directly to the web. With only phones or tablets required, no power is required, and race timing can be done at even the remotest race site. And with cellular (or WiFi) connection, results can be posted directly from the app to your website from the race site, even while the race is still in progress. Already using a more expensive timing system like chip timing? PocketTimer Pro is the perfect low-cost backup timing system, and a timing system you can use at intermediate checkpoints or aid stations.

We also have PocketTimer XC (iOS only) which is a version of the software specially optimized to time high school and college cross-country races, with their special scoring requirements.

Here's a summary of its features:

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