General Privacy Policy

All information which we gather from users, whether as part of a direct sale, a mandatory software registration, or a voluntary software registration, remains within Stevens Creek Software and is never shared with anyone else under any circumstances. We use this information only to keep users informed about updates or other developments with respect to their registered software.

iOS/Android Privacy Policy

Only one of our applications, Handy Randy, accesses any information in your iPhone or iPad or Android device. It accesses your address book only for purposes of selecting random names from the entire address book or a particular group of contacts. It retains none of that information, and transmits none of it to us. Your information is your information.

Several of our applications which allow you to output (export) information by email, do so by way of email servers on the Stevens Creek Software website if and only if you do not have an active email account configured in your iPhone or iPad (that is, you have not set up the Apple "Mail" app to send and receive email). Email that goes through our server do so in a "passthrough" fashion; none of that information is retained on our servers.

Facebook Privacy Policy

A number of our software applications for the iPhone feature Facebook integration — the ability to post to Facebook via the application. When you first attempt to do so, the applications ask for four "permissions." Here's what they are and what is involved:

Access my basic information: The authorization screen tells you we get access to your name, gender, userID, and so on. Our applications access none of these things. The application does get an "authorization token" back from Facebook, which presumably in some encoded way includes your userID (otherwise it couldn't do anything), but we don't ever actually know your userID much less do anything with it.

Post to my Wall: The software needs permission to add status updates to your Facebook wall. All such updates only take place when you hit a "Share" button in the application; none take place "behind your back" or are in any way initiated by the application itself.

Access my custom friend lists: In order to allow you to specify who is able to access your post (i.e., your friends only, everyone, or a particular "friend list" that you have established like "Runners" or "Birders"), the application needs to read the names of any friend lists that you have created. It does not read the names of the people who belong to that friend list, only the names of the lists themselves, and it does nothing with those names other than to present them to you (after you tap the "lock" icon, or in Facebook terms "privacy" icon) in a scroll wheel to allow you to select the correct list. It does remember the name of your last selected friend list, so if, for example, you always post to "Runners" only when you share information from our Athlete's Diary application, you'll only need to select "Runners" the first time and that choice will remain constant (of course if, on a particular day, you want to share a run with all your friends and not just your running friends, you can change the selection).

Access my data any time: This is the most confusing and perhaps the most intimidating, because it tells you that the application "may access my data when I'm not using the application." Without this permission, Facebook only grants our application permission to post to your stream "while you are using the app," which in practice seems to be set to a couple hours. This means that you would have to re-grant permission for the app to access Facebook every single day you used it! To avoid this nuisance, "access my data any time" grants the app permission to keep posting to Facebook indefinitely (you can revoke the permission by going to "Privacy Settings" under the "Account" tab, and then on the bottom of the page, and clicking on "Edit your settings for using apps, games, and websites"). It does also grant the application permission to access your data "when you are not using the application," but we most assuredly do no such thing. As noted above, all posting to Facebook is both initiated by you (by tapping the Facebook icon in the app) and finalized by you (when you tap the "Share" button).

Other than remembering your preferred friend list, our applications save no information about you or your Facebook account, nor do they transmit anything whatsoever about you or your Facebook account to us or to anyone else.