Handy Randy

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Software for picking random numbers, random names, or random items from any list

Uses of random numbers range from the frivolous (playing games) to the serious (handing out door prizes at events, or selecting random winners for a raffle) to the ultra-serious (performing business audits). There are a number of simple programs for the iPhone which will pick a random number. None comes anywhere close to the power and flexibility of Handy Randy. Handy Randy is the ultimate random number software, easy to use but with features galore.

Imagine choosing a winner of a prize (or a student to get an assignment!) by standing up in front of a classroom, a business conference, a club, or an event of any kind, holding an iPad in front of you, shaking it, and having their name appear on the screen to the sound of trumpet fanfare:

And that's only half of life-size! Imagine the impact that could have!

Here's a summary of the features you'll find in Handy Randy for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad:

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