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Mail Merge Plus for the Palm Computing Platform

SnailMailer is a companion applicaton to PalmPrint, the #1 printing software for the Palm Computing Platform (for more information on PalmPrint, including how you print, what printers you can use, etc., please read the PalmPrint web page if you haven't already, and then return here to learn more about SnailMailer). Its basic functionality lets you print envelopes, mailing labels (2-up or 3-up), and complete information (including phone numbers, notes, etc.) from the standard Palm Address Book.

There are three key advanced features of SnailMailer which require a licensed copy of the software:

Mailing List Management

The Palm Address Book lets you divide the people in your address book by categories—business, personal, etc. But for some purposes, that isn't enough. For example, you might have "Key customers", to whom you want to send out a mailing once a month, who are a subset of the business category. Or you might have a "Christmas Card list" which is a superset, including some of the names in your business category, some of the names in your personal category, etc. SnailMailer lets you create up to eight mailing lists, without restriction as to content (that is, unlike standard Palm categories, one person can appear on several of your mailing lists). Now you can quickly and easily print out envelopes or mailing labels for those names, right from your Palm!

Design your own forms

Because you design the "form", your control over the output is much greater than with the basic version of SnailMailer, so even if you are just printing envelopes or mailing labels, this feature may be useful. For example, basic envelope printing within SnailMailer only prints the "To" address; it doesn't print a return address. And the address itself is in a predefined format—First Name and Last Name on the first line, Company on the next line if it is not blank, Address on the next line, and City, State Zip on the last line (and Country if not blank). But you may prefer a different format—perhaps you want Company on the first line and "Attn: First Name Last Name" on the next line. Or perhaps you in a country where each line of an address is ended with a comma. Whatever your needs, with the licensed version of SnailMailer, you can design the output.

Want to print a phone list? SnailMailer lets you specify headers (which only print once at the top of the page, rather than for each name in the list), fixed widths (so you can have columns of phone numbers which line up properly), and conditional printing (things which are printed depending on whether a particular field is blank or non-blank). Need total control over your printer? SnailMailer lets you send special "escape codes" (non-printable characters which you couldn't normally write into a memo) so you can take advantage of all the special features of your printer which aren't supported directly by SnailMailer or PalmPrint itself.

Mail Merge and More!

SnailMailer also lets you do standard mail merges. First you create one (or more) memos containing the information to be printed, with "slots" for the information from the Address Book (first name, last name, company, etc.). Now within SnailMailer you select one or more names, then select the memo, tap a button, and voila!—personalized form letters, printed from your Palm!

But don't let your mind be limited by the term "mail merge." This is really a data merge capability, combining information from a form (the memo) with a database (the address book). You can store a lot more in your address book than names and addresses. Suppose you are a pharmacist and need to print out drug usage instructions—frequency, side effects, etc. Just put the name of the drug in the name field in the address book, and use the "custom" fields to contain frequency, side effects, etc. Now to print out instructions for that drug, you'll just tap on the drug, tap on the form, tap on print, and out will come the instructions. Or perhaps you have a portable barcode printer, and you need to print out barcodes to label products, or blood vials belonging to a patient. Fill your address book with names of products and barcodes (again, using a custom field), or with names of patients and patient ID codes. Now use SnailMailer to select the product or patient, select the proper form, and print out the label you need. Once you think about data merge instead of just mail merge, the possibilities are unlimited!

"I love this program! I use the mail merge regularly, it is great!"

—Frank Bott

More Information...

Want to learn more about SnailMailer?

We've tried to keep this page simple, but the complete manual for SnailMailer is part of the download when you download the software (see below). Even if you don't have a Palm, there are plenty of screen shots, so you can see everything the software can do, and how easy it is to use.

Want to try SnailMailer yourself?

You can download SnailMailer and put it through its paces without a Serial Number (password). The handheld software is fully functional without a serial number, but when you HotSync the data, only the first five items in any data you collect will be transferred to the desktop, and in addition, the software will expire in 14 days. This should allow you to fully evaluate what SnailMailer can do for you and your business. Download now.

Want to learn more about PalmOS handhelds?

SnailMailer runs on the Palm operating system, which is used on handheld devices made by Palm, Handspring, Sony, Symbol (some models), Kyocera, Samsung, and others. To learn more about the PalmOS and the wide variety of Palm Powered devices, visit the PalmSource website.

Who we are...

SnailMailer is brought to you by Stevens Creek Software. We have been developing and marketing software for Macintosh, Windows, DOS, and the Palm Computing platform since 1988. Stevens Creek Software is a leading developer of software for the Palm Computing platform.

Ready to order?

Single Licenses

SnailMailer software costs $19.95; a copy of PalmPrint is required for it to function (that is, you must be a registered user of PalmPrint in order for SnailMailer to be useful to you).

Most users download the software from our Web site and pay for the software online; for a small charge we can send you the software on a disk via regular mail instead. You can order online or by mail.

Order Form

Mail: Stevens Creek Software
P.O. Box 2126
Cupertino, CA 95015
We accept most credit cards (online ordering only). If you wish to order by mail, contact us via email so that we can calculate the total cost of the software plus shipping charges. Let us know if you also wish to receive the software on a mailed CD. Payment is by check or money order drawn from a U.S. affiliated bank in U.S. funds. Mail orders will take a considerably longer time than payment and delivery online.


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