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Downloading software

Download software from our website download page, simply by clicking on the file (or files) you want to download.


  • What version should I download? There are three different formats of software that you can download (not all formats are available for all our products). The ".ZIP" format is the usual format for downloading files to a Windows machine. "ZIP" has NOTHING to do with a "Zip Disk", it is simply a compressed ("zipped") form of a file which is done to speed download times. If you download this format, you will need an "unzipping" program on your computer (see below). The ".sit.hqx" format is a standard format for downloading files to a Macintosh computer. And finally, the ".exe" format is a "self-extracting ZIP" file provided for Windows users who lack an unzipping program (again, see next section).
  • Where did it go? After you download a file, there are two issues. First, your computer can be configured to put the file literally anywhere on the disk. WE CANNOT TELL YOU WHERE IT IS. Both Windows (the "Find File" in the Start Menu) and Macintosh (Find under the File Menu in the Finder) have software built in to their operating system to enable you to find a file. If you don't know how to use that feature, please consult the documentation that came with your computer and/or contact Microsoft or Apple technical support. The second issue is, if you do have to use the "Find" feature because you're not sure where the file went when you downloaded it, what is it called? Again, this depends on your computer configuration. With some setups, the file will be exactly what you downloaded, e.g., "UnDupe.ZIP". In many cases, however, your computer will be configured to "automatically unpack" the file that it has downloaded. In this case, for example, "UnDupe.ZIP" may have already been unpacked and there will be an "UnDupe" folder somewhere on your disk, containing within it the manual ("undupman.htm") and the program itself ("Undupe.prc"). If you aren't sure if your computer has done this unpacking, and you need to do a search, search first for the ".prc" file, and, if that isn't found, for the ".ZIP" or ".sit.hqx" file.
  • I lost my password. You do NOT need a password to download software from our web site.
  • My system won't allow downloads. Some computers sit behind "firewalls," and if you try to perform a conventional download from the pages listed above, you'll be prevented from doing so. If that's the case, for our Palm software only, we provide an option, which is "emailing yourself" the software. You do this from Please note: If you email yourself the file and it arrives as "gibberish", this is a problem with the configuration of your email software and/or your Internet service; there is nothing we can do to help you. Again, consult your local computer guru if possible.
  • I can't get any of these things to work. If none of these things is successful for you, we can mail you the software on a floppy diskette, but there is a $5.00 charge ($7.00 outside of the U.S.) for that. When you order software directly through Stevens Creek Software, you'll have this option when you order (and we recommend downloading the software BEFORE you order so you'll know if you need to do this). If you order software through another source (e.g., PalmGear HQ), you'll need to place an order for the software through Stevens Creek Software, but make a note in the comment field that this is SHIPPING ONLY.

Unzipping software

If you download a compressed ("zipped" or "stuffed") piece of software, you may need to uncompress (unzip, unstuff, unpack) it. All Macintosh computers sold for many years now include a copy of "Unstuffit", so Macintosh users should already have the software they need. Most Macs will be configured to automatically unstuff downloaded files; if your isn't, then you'll need to run Unstuffit and select the file that you downloaded to unstuff. Windows users aren't as fortunate. Some Windows computers have a copy of an unzipping program (PKUnZip or WinZip) included, some do not. If you DO have one of those programs, and your computer wasn't configured to automatically unzip the downloaded file, you can run the unzip program and select the file to unzip. If you do not have one, you can try obtaining one on the web; one source is

If you are unsuccessful at unzipping:

  • Consult your local computer guru
  • Download the ".exe" (self-extracting) format instead (only available for some products). When you download this version, you simply run (double-click on) the file you downloaded and it will "unpack itself".
  • Go to our "email yourself" web page and email yourself the "prc only" file. This option is not available for all programs, and also will require that you read the manual online, since you won't be downloading the manual to your computer.
  • When you order the software, request (for an additional fee) that the software be mailed to you on a floppy disk.

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