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Eight years of rave reviews for The Athlete's Diary...

Below are excerpts from some of the many reviews that have appeared about The Athlete's Diary.

"The most important characteristic of any diary - paper or electronic - is that it gets used. No matter how many bells and whistles come with a program, if it is simply too much hassle to use then it's worthless...After trying several, the one we ended up using the most was the smallest and simplest, The Athlete's Diary. The program allows you to record relevant information quickly and be done with it. Data are recorded in straight ASCII text so that files can be accessed by virtually any computer and program - a point to consider if you plan on storing years of data electronically in an age when processors and operating systems change with some frequency." - Velo News, January 1997

"Wonderfully easy to get to know and use. For pure logging purposes, Athlete's Diary was the best we saw. Not only is it easy to use, but it's ridiculously flexible." - Fitness Swimmer, Spring 1996

"Super easy to use and customize. Data manipulation is amazingly simple." - American Rowing, March/April, 1996.

"The only package that displays the log while you enter data...the only package that displays total distance for each sport on its calendar display...the only package that has error recovery...the only package that keeps your data in tab-delimited ASCII text files [so that] you can look at this data with other applications...the smallest impact on system resources." - Carolina Action Sports, November 1995

"Despite the large number of features, The Athlete's Diary is a remarkably small program. Because of its small size and the elegance of the programming, The Athlete's Diary is the fastest program we tested. Data entry is quick and easy. Dislikes: None." - Velo News, October 1995

"Very efficient and user-friendly way to log, chart and evaluate your training progress or athletic activity. OK, so it won't do the workouts for you. Other than that, I couldn't find one thing that I would want to improve or change." - Michael Hodgson, San Jose Mercury News and other daily newspapers, September 1994

"TAD is designed for quick, easy use...the program is so rich in features that you can record, chart and graph any numerical information you choose. TAD's data manipulation is amazing. The Athlete's Diary is serious, professional software, both from a computer program standpoint and when considered as an athlete's tool. It can aid your training progress...in a friendly, fun-to-use format. At Team Bicycle Guide, TAD has become standard equipment." - Bicycle Guide, May 1994

"This is a great piece of software." - Mountain Bike, March 1994

"The graphics and range of options are superb." - Barry Spitz, Marin Independent Journal, December 1993

"...it's a dream...I loved it!" - two twenty (U.K.), July 1992

"The Runner Triathlete News staff has always been a little leery of the claims of software companies as to how simple their computerized training logs are to use, but The Athlete's Diary is easy to use and provides instant feedback. The Windows version we tested was simple to load and set up (this coming from a professed Mac fan.) Within 15 minutes we had entered two full weeks of workouts and were producing all kinds of graphs and charts. Needless to say, we were very impressed with The Athlete's Diary and consider it a steal for $49.95." - Runner Triathlete News, December 1993

"The Athlete's Diary not only makes filling entries easier, but also more fun. The best feature is the ability to program in `graph comments,' [Keywords] abbreviations in the general comments section that lets the user keep track of any needed information: resting heart rate, hours of sleep, daily diet, etc." - MetroSports Magazine, October 1993

"If you are accustomed to recording and calculating fitness totals in a log book, the quick and easy data-entry scheme and instant analysis capabilities of [The Athlete's] Diary are like a dream come true....Instant reports and graphs save you from making calculations yourself and offer tangible proof of performance ups and downs. If you're more than a little serious about your fitness program-or want to get serious-then you should consider The Athlete's Diary." - MacHome Journal, September 1993

"With The Athlete's Diary, your log gives you feedback which can actually enhance your training. Every aspect of the program is designed to be quick and easy. The program is designed to `read the mind of the user.' A user, having completed a typical workout, can start the program, enter the data, see his or her pace calculated, get feedback by displaying all previous workouts over the same route, and exit the program, all with less than a dozen keystrokes. - Florida Sports, April 1993

"It's fast and easy to use and excels at dozens of specialized tasks." "For anyone who has thought of competing or improving their performance-in cycling, running, swimming, rollerblading or even using a Stairmaster-AD is a great tool for success." "AD...makes training fun and rewarding by providing simple entry formats with powerful calculations." "...AD works as well with one sport as it does with eight." "If I want to know my personal record for a given time, AD will research and display this history for a particular distance." "To help prepare for a competitive event, your entries can be made in advance of a season as a future training schedule." - California Computer News, July 1992

"This computerized log is ideal for everyone from the casual jogger to the serious triathlete." - Mac Times (U.K), May/June 1992

"TAD offers a well-structured and systematic look at your training." - Running Magazine (U.K.), May 1992

"Stevens Creek Software has authored an easy-to-use, affordable and practical piece of software that may make your logbook obsolete." - Triathlete Magazine, July 1991

"The Athlete's Diary does just about everything but run for you." - Running Times, May 1991

"...an extraordinarily versatile multisport athletic log." - Lew Kidder, Triathlon Today, September 1990

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