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User comments about The Athlete's Diary...

Below are just some of the things our users have said about The Athlete's Diary.

Frankie Andreu
6-time Tour de France finisher
Member, US Postal Service Cycling Team, 1998

"I bought The Athelete's Diary at the start of the year and have had great success in making and planning my training towards the big races. I used to keep a diary but never really saw how I could use it. With your program everything is easy to look up and easy to figure what training should be done the following weeks."

"I can't say enough good things about it - it's easy, clean and generates outstanding logs, graphs, etc. And, it's cheap!"- Bruce Sokolove, Ypsilanti, Michigan

"Your program is terrific, I've been using it for a couple of years."- Doug Sales, Campbell, California

"I'm really impressed-it's wonderful! It's so fast updating the log and doing comparisons."- Sandy Christopher, Port Charlotte, Florida

"...I would like to say how much I enjoy this program. I've tried to set up a rough log of my own using Excel, but this beats anything I had hands down. Thanks again for the great software package."- Chuck Buettner, San Jose, California

"We don't know what we ever did without it!"- Jasper Hulse, Corpus Christi, Texas

"The Athlete's Diary makes training more fun, helps prevent injuries, and provides me with the incentive I sometimes need. Every athlete who takes their training seriously needs to have and use The Athlete's Diary. I wouldn't be exaggerating to say The Athlete's Diary is simply the best sports log there is-period."- Michael M. Saal, M.D., San Rafael, California

I really love this program...it's fantastic! It help so much when you don't have a personal coach because of the feedback it gives."- Joe Dickerson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"This program beats anything I have seen, including Wintrainer, hands down!"- Charles Scott, Louisville, Kentucky

"I have bought other training programs (The Athlete's Log, Bill Rodger's Wintrainer and PC Coach) and I really think your program is the simplest and the best."- Ernesto Luis Pogorelsky, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"The program is a valuable aid to any training program, and the ease and versatility of use is wonderful. ...I certainly can recommend The Athlete's Diary to everyone. In fact, I am planning on buying some additional copies for gifts for Christmas. Getting ready for the Superior Trails 100 I logged over 1800 miles in three months, so you can imagine how often I logged miles (usually twice a day)! This program made it a snap to keep track of things like: 1. how many miles on the shoes; 2. where were the hills and dales of training; 3. how was the pace compared to the distance; etc.

I love this program so much I can't imagine now running without it! Probably the nicest thing about the program is that it remembers your favorite routes and then lets you graph your improved times on those routes, so it's easy to see how well you're doing in your training. Like a heart rate monitor, I consider it indispensible to my training."- Joe Franko, Munrovia, California

"The Athlete's Diary is very motivating-it's the catalyst to get me going. Training can get boring, but using TAD makes it exciting to see what you've done."- Steve Stremmel, Reno, Nevada

"I really love The Athlete's Diary. It helps the consistency of my activity-prevents laziness and excuses!"- Bill Tanner, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"I would like to say this is one of the most user-friendly programs I have ever used. I am sure there are many more runners that cross-train and are looking for software such as yours to log their training."- Ralph D. Ramos, Cincinnati, Ohio

" I can't wait to get home everyday so I can enter my training in the computer!"- Tyler Ford, Tuscon, Arizona

"I am as much of a `non-computer-minded' person anyone could find. I've been using The Athlete's Diary for six months and love its ease and straight forwardness."- Mervyn R. Blass, Foster City, California

"Great program. Keep up the good work!"- Lee McDow, Hickory, North Carolina

"It actually makes me look forward to doing my journal entry. No more having to figure out the pace or add up the mileage totals! Great tool!"- Mike Doel, New Brunswick, New Jersey

"I entered a whole year's worth of data the day I received it, which shows how easy it is to operate."- Ralf Rodl, Balmoral, Australia

"Excellent product at a reasonable price-it's great to watch the mileage build up."- Paul H. Meijer, Mountain View, California

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