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The Athlete's Diary is a multisport computer log, available for Windows, Macintosh, iPhone, and PalmOS. A special-purpose database program designed explicitly for athletes, The Athlete's Diary has been the best-selling, best-reviewed program of its kind on the market since its introduction in 1990. You can log your training, view it in a a variety of formats, and analyze it to your heart's content. You can also use the software to plan your future training. The Athlete's Diary is a standalone program, not a template for any other program (e.g., Excel) nor based on any "database engine" (e.g., dBase). Because of this all four versions are quite small, extremely fast, and highly tuned to the desired task.

George Hincapie

Member, U.S. Postal Service Cycling Team
Winner, Ghent-Wevelgem, 2001
Winner, San Francisco Grand Prix, 2001

Athlete's Diary user since 1997

Complete list of features (Windows/Macintosh)
Complete list of features (Palm)
Complete list of features (iPhone)

Harriet Anderson

2002 Ironman Hawaii 1st Place
2002 National Age Group Champion
2002 2nd Place World Champion

Athlete's Diary user since 1991

Unsolicited testimonials from users

Frankie Andreu
9-time Tour de France finisher
Manager, US Postal Service Cycling Team
Athlete's Diary user since 1996
"I bought The Athelete's Diary at the start of the year and have had great success in making and planning my training towards the big races. I used to keep a diary but never really saw how I could use it. With your program everything is easy to look up and easy to figure what training should be done the following weeks."

Excerpts from eight years of published reviews

From the latest review (VeloNews, Jan. 13, 1997): "No matter how many bells and whistles come with a program, if it is simply too much hassle to use then it's worthless. After trying several, the one we ended up using was the smallest and simplest, The Athlete's Diary."

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