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PalmPrint/SCS Print Server Enabled Applications

Click on the name of any application to go to the vendor's web site for more information about that application.

Application Vendor Prints:
PalmPrint Stevens Creek Software Memos, Address Book Info, Schedules, ToDo Lists, Emails (from Palm Mail and iMessenger as well as Eudora), Expenses, Clipboard Contents
Development Environments:
Satellite Forms Puma Technology Custom application development (requires a special SFX extension available free on our download page)
Pendragon Forms 3.1 Pendragon Software Custom application development
CASL CASLSoft Custom application development
PDE - Data Entry Marietta Systems, Inc. Quickly design and implement business applications including Order Entry, Route Delivery, Inventory and Package Tracking
NSBasic NS Basic Corp. Custom application development
AppForge AppForge Custom application development
HotPaw Basic HotPaw Custom application development
JFile Pro Land-J Systems Database information
HanDBase DDH Software Database information
ThinkDB ThinkingBytes Technologies Database information
CatScan Stevens Creek Software Database information (with full barcode support)
InventoryPlus Man Hoi Raymond Wong Track inventory items
PocketReport Jens Rupp/Tim Warner Database reports
Data Collection:
On Hand Stevens Creek Software Inventory data, barcode labels (to label printers only)
Cross Check Portable Tech. Solutions Data collection for field maintenance & repair
Inspector Plus Pen Systems Field inspection reports
eSurvey eSurvey Solutions Survey data collection
Spectator GO! BIOBSERVE Behavioral data acquisition
Dr. Eyes Minicom Patient Tracker, Charge Capture, Rx Writer, Admitting Notes Writer and Quick Medical Reference
PatientKeeper PatientKeeper Medical information
PocketPractitioner Pocket Informatics Patient tracking, billing
ePatient IatroSoft Patient tracking, prescriptions
eRecS eRecordSystem Medical history, prescriptions
iScribe iScribe Medical information (Prescriptions)
WardWatch 1.2.5 WatchWare Medical information
DecisionTree MMSE Griffin Cupstid Mini-Mental Status Exam
OfficeNotes Just Information Service Corp Medical information (Office notes)
BioChem and BioChem1stRespondER Patrick Carroll Biological and chemical warfare response
PDA Medic EMS PDA Medic Paramedics ambulance reports
CodeDoc Medical Decisions Software Code blue reports
PregTrak StacWorks Tracking pregnancy patients
PregCalc Professional Thenar Computing Obstetrical calculator
NCEP ATPIII CHD Risk Calculator Chiayu Chen, M.D. Cholesterol risk calculator
Pegasus TVN Veterinarian software (in German)
Bonsai Natara Software Outliner
ThoughtManager Hands High Software Outliner
Meteor Mathieu Routhier Outliner
Document readers:
QuickWord (SmartDoc) Cutting Edge Software Document reader/editor
pedit Paul Nevai Document reader/editor
DocPrint Stevens Creek Software Document reader
Torpedo Pine Tree Software HTML Editor (and document reader)
Mobile POS:
Take An Order Stevens Creek Software Orders (receipts, invoices, quotations, etc.)
Remote Salesperson Sage Software Order entry for MAS 90
QBMobile PGSoft Mobile version of QuickBooks
QuoteNerd Gabriel Software Estimating and invoicing
ProfitLink ProfitLink Consulting Orders
PocketRegister PC America Orders
Visual Ordermate AKA Computer Consulting Orders
Mobile Vendas CDS Informatica Mobile sales (in Portuguese)
Mark/Space Mail Markspace Emails
OneTouch Mail/BeamLink JP Systems Emails
mMail+ HezArts Emails and SMS
Other applications:
Contacts 4 PDA Performance Address Book replacement
SnailMailer Stevens Creek Software Envelopes, Mailing Labels, Address Book information, and full mail merge capability
Project Viewer Project Viewer Project scheduling
Teacher's P.E.T. Coffee Pot Software Teacher grading, attendance, & more
Handy Randy Stevens Creek Software Random numbers
DayNotez Natara Software Personal journal
PocketTimer Stevens Creek Software Recorded race times
RaceBase Stevens Creek Software Race results
SwimCoach Stevens Creek Software Swimming lap times
SDS Time SDS Data Time tracking/reporting
TimeReport Ulf Schroeder Time tracking/reporting
SitePlan Expert Systems Project status
AvLogbook Stormgate Communications Aviation flight time tracking
CoPilot Laurie Davis Flight planning for general aviation
Pilot Aviation Dictionary Production Software Listings of aviation terms and acronyms
Insider Sylvian Beaulieu Information about files on the Palm
ScorePad Alegis Technologies Baseball scoring
ChessPad Solutions In Hand Chess scoring
Janus Lite Grosvenor Technology Door access control software
Camera Collector Pilot-Ed Camera collection information
MagicText Synergy Solutions Text in various applications
PrintHack Paul Computing Print any highlighted text
Hfr Dot Dat TSE Computer Assistance Software for heifer growers
HoHo RNS:: Prints ringtones in various cell phones' formats
PocketPlanter Arkansoft Over a thousand plants in your pocket
EstiMaker Arkansoft Estimating/bidding for electrical professionals
WMD SWAG Arkansoft Analyzes observations at a disaster site
BioChem Arkansoft Database of biological, chemical and nerve warefare agents
Insights Impressions Insights Personality profiling
Pump Calculations Process Ace Software Centrifugal pump calculator for process and mechanical engineers
Steam Turbine Calculations Process Ace Software Thermodynamics calculator for industrial steam turbines
Gas Fired Heater Calculations Process Ace Software Calculator for engineers working with industrial fired heaters

Know of any others? Please fill out the form and we'll add it to the list

PalmPrint vs. SCS Print Server

We offer two related, mutually exclusive applications: PalmPrint and SCS Print Server. PalmPrint is the full featured application, which prints information from almost all the standard Palm "built-in" applications - MemoPad, Address Book, DateBook, ToDo List, Emails (both the "Mail" application and the Palm VII "iMessenger" application), Expenses, and the Palm "Clipboard" (which lets you print anything you can "copy" from any application).In addition to these capabilities, PalmPrint lets any "PalmPrint-enabled application" use PalmPrint to print from within that application. That is, the developer of those applications has added a "Print" button or menu to their application, and without having to exit that application and start PalmPrint, you simply select that button or menu and print the desired information. A list of all the publicly available PalmPrint-enabled applications that we know of is found above. If the application you are interested in printing from does not appear on this list, you should email or phone the developer and encourage them to add printing support to their application. As the length of this list shows, it's easy! Often just a few lines of code will do the trick. And we provide complete information to developers on how to add PalmPrint support to an application.

SCS Print Server is the "lite" version of PalmPrint. It lacks the ability to print from the Palm built-in applications, so you cannot print memos, schedules, etc like you can from PalmPrint. However as far as PalmPrint-enabled applications, SCS Print Server is identical to PalmPrint. In other words, all of the applications below are able to print via either SCS Print Server or PalmPrint. If you are only interested in printing from one or more of these applications, and not from the built-in Palm applications, SCS Print Server will serve your needs just fine; otherwise, you'll want to purchase PalmPrint (you can upgrade from SCS Print Server to PalmPrint if you change your mind, although there is a small financial penalty if you do so).

If you purchase SCS Print Server, make sure to install the file "SCSPrint.prc" in your Palm, and NOT "PPrint.prc" as well. Conversely if you purchase PalmPrint, make sure to install the file "PPrint.prc" in your Palm, and NOT "SCSPrint.prc". The two are mutually exclusive; they cannot both be loaded in your Palm at the same time.

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